🔥The Cavemen (NZ) 🔥Chiff Chaffs (BE) 🔥DJ King Rat!

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🔥🔥🔥THE CAVEMEN (NZ) Facebook event

MakeTrouble is proud to present the wildest bunch of troglodytic bonebanging neanderthalers THE CAVEMEN!!

Hailing and sniffing from New Zealand where they got fastly kicked out because of bestial behavior and now crawling around the world to make every stage unsafe with their savage outta control punk 'n roll!! 

Of course fastly picked up by the best independent record labels around the globe like Dirty Water, Slovenly (The Spits, Hexxers, Neumans, Black Mambas, Lullies, Anomalys, Losin' Streaks,...)

Now it's time to invade our favorite venue in Brussels! 

Insurance against blowing your mind out required!!

Be there! Be wild! Be primitive! Be a caveman!!!

🔥🔥🔥CHIFF CHAFFS featuring CRYSTAL DAWN (BxHell)  Facebook event

Here at MakeTrouble headquarters we where scratching our heads with the question "what band will not be blown out of their socks by those uncontrollable wildmen?", "What band is snotty (or stupid?) enough to do the support act?"

Of course we could not think of any other bunch of nozems as The Chiff Chaffs!!

And this time they bring as special guest Crystal Dawn to make sure those New Zealandish longhaired workshy scumbags make no chance against these charming youngsters!

These Chiff Chaffs can't fly but seriously kick your ass!

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