🔥The Briefs (USA) 🔥Nasty Rumours (CH) 🔥Rumble Pit (BXHell) 🔥JC Metteko 🔥 PhiPhi Fig's


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You ask for the best? MakeTrouble brings you the best!!

We are honoured to present you one of the most wanted punkbands of these days!

Hailing from Seattle, Washington four idiots formed The Briefs and went fastly went to punk stardom with their no nonsense straight forward punkriffs brutally played on vintage material just to have that '77 sound!

Formed in the magical year 2000 and got a record deal the same year, then got hunted by major labels to release and rerelease their recordings. But the guys never lost their cool and stepped wisely aside from commercial success. No Blink 182 or Green Day crap here!

Now 24 years, lots of recorddeals and many tours later they are, snottier than ever, ready to conquer the Belgian capital Brussels!

The Briefs love their fans so pay attention they will not stuck on you!!


Finding support acts for such a band is easy, everybody is standing in line but a band that can compete with The Briefs? That's not!

We bring you for this magical evening The Nasty Rumours from Bern, Swiss, the same city that spawned the famous band The Monsters.

Being the favorite support for UK Subs they toured all of Europe with some of the best bands around with their swinging punkrockin' sound influenced by The Buzzcocks, Undertones and the powerpop of The Boys.


Opening for an evening like this is a perfect job for the Brussels youngsters of Rumble Pit!

Influenced by The Clash, Pistols and the best Belgian '77 punkbands like The Mad Virgins, Spermicide and Phallus Band, that can't go wrong.

🔥All night DJ sets by Phiphi Phigs and Johnny Metteko, two old school punkdudes to bring you the best tunes to dance your ass off.

It's already written in the stars, this will be the event of the year.

And later many hipsters will state "I was there" while they where wanking at a local tupperware party.

Don't be that guy and be there or regret forever!!

Entrance €15

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