EAST, WEST, PUNKFEST 🔥RumKicks (S. Korea)🔥Rats Don't Sink (FR)🔥Rumble Pit (BXL)


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EAST, WEST, PUNKFEST with 🔥RumKicks (S. Korea) + 🔥Rats Don't Sink (FR) + 🔥Rumble Pit (BXL)

🔥THE RUMKICKS (South Korea) Facebook event

MakeTrouble is proud to present you one of the rising stars in girlpunkdom The Rumkicks!!!

Hailing from Seoul, South Korea where they are being considered as aliens but invading every important stage in Asia and Europe in a blink of an eye!

Being called fake, they give a big middlefinger to the jealou​s guys who call them punk fashionistas and right they are!!

We don't care about music critics, we know that The Rumkicks will pick up their instruments, turn the amp to 11 and kick your fooking ass with the greatest girlpunktracks you ever heard!

Support these youngsters like we do! They are the future!

🔥RATS DON'T SINK (FR) Facebook event

Second band of the East West punk fest are Rats Don't Sink, a foursome crawling out of the sewers of Marseille playing sped up hardcore punk and fastly picked up as support act for Casualties, Exploited and Komiterns Sect just to name a few.

No compromises made here, just loud fucked up and brutal punk to blow off the roof!

Rats don't sink but they bite!

🔥RUMBLE PIT (BxHell) Facebook event

Of course who else can compete with this once in a lifetime girlpunk event?

Rumble Pit of course, the Belgian Clash with the rawness of 1977 Belgian punklegends like Mad Virgins, Spermicide and Phalus Band!!

Be prepared to meet best of both worlds and rock hard with the new generation of Belgian punks Rumble Pit!The Rumkicks meet Rumble Pit, we could say "a night to remember" but that would be a serious understatement.

It's probably the best underground punkevent of the year!!
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