🔥🔥Hetze (BE) & 🔥🔥Electronic Pancakes (BXHell) FREE!!!

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MakeTrouble was blown away from that one performance at the Fifty Foot Combo anniversary festival by a band called HETZE!!

Furious screaming hard punk violence that blew the fully packed venue out of their socks brought by four chicks in 5th nitrogenic gear!

Of course MakeTrouble had to bring them to Brussels before they conquer the world!

One thing is sure ... Keep on your seatbelts to have a safe evening or you will smashed into the four corners of the venue until you snap!!

Not for the faint of heart!!!

🔥🔥Support act for this unbeatable act of troublemakers is The Electronic Pancakes.

A band with that combines a clash of twisted afterpunk beats with garagedrenched noises.

Groundbreaking unique sounds driven by  sonic revolutionaries of talented Brussels youngsters!!

Be there or be square as a pancake!!