At the first edition in 1978, after an extremely violent (and unforgetable) public riot during our short performance, they had the privilege to be ranked at the last place by the jury (wich is the best you can hope in a punk competition)



40 years later, they are still the worst and most disguisting band on belgian scène, ready to compete once again for the last place of the contest.

Without them, this contest could'nt definitely be really punk.



BIG FAT TODDLERS (Ham/Tessenderlo)

Big Fat Toddlers, young punks from Limbourg 



They play fun punkrock and getting drunk rock with songs like ‘Planet Penis’, 'Riot' & 'Nothing today'




A punk pot-pourri consisting garage, stoner, alternative, wave, rock,…. and a big wink to The Damned, The Clash, The Birthday Party, Dead Kennedy's, Stooges, Nirvana..."






ELECTRONIC PANCAKES are a garagepunk band who allready loves you, except if you are a cop. 

No offense.



Sounds like (mostly) Angry Samoans, OBGMs or early Hives with teenage emotions.



HET LOOD (Aalst)

AlostA '77 streetpunk DIY




Oldschool punx in a new band



MAD VIRGINS (Brussels)

Mad Virgins, good for nothing in 1977 and still today, are taking their 2nd chance to win the punkcontest 40 years after their first participation.




Those youngters released in 1978 the snottiest punk 45 ever from Belgium and now specially for the punkcontest they are back!

If you wanna taste how punkrock was in 1978, don't miss their first gig in 39 years!!

Fuck and suck? I'm still waiting!!



MITRAILLE (Antwerpen)

Genre: garagepunk. 

Bio: “Go listen to some fucking garagepunk, you pointy little tit.” – Jason Williamson.




A few chords, an unintelligible vocabulary, some aaaaah's, and all that soaked in a pool of lofi.




MOSTLY WHITES, garagerock slash punkrocktrio from Ostend with members from DRS and Alpha Whale.





RAXOLA (Brussels)

No need introducing this legendary Belgian band.

They are, with The Kids and Hubble Bubble, one of the three Belgian bands to have had the opportunity to record an album from the beginning of the punk era. 



Frontman Yke Raxola is known for having played in another legendary band – Bastard, first band to ever set the proto-punk standards in continental Europe and from which some members would soon emerge as The Damned.




Slovenians are an high energy Brussels based punk rock band.



They meld punk influences such as The Dead Kennedy’s, The New Bomb Turks and Minor Threat with feisty doses of rock ’n roll, blues and garage rock.




Hailing from Limburg, this fast, loud (and probably drunk) five piece has been tearing down stages since day one.




Sounding like the love child of Kid Dynamite and the Goonies, Steele Justice brings back that early 90's punkrock sound

For fans of Kid Dynamite, Good Riddance, Satanic Surfers.



Sleazy, goddamn fucked up bluestrash punk 'n roll (for the lucky ones)!


Th' F'kk'n G'dd'mn Luckies are a duo with only one aim : basic, primitive, lo-fi punkrawk’n’roll as if it was done in the days of the Flintstones.



After growin up wrong with tons of BEERs and on overdated baxters of Ramones, Dead Moon, Monsters, Mummies, Cosmic Psychos, Jesus Disease, Kids and Teengenerate substances their answer to a midlife crisis is sleazy, raw, loose with wild music to dance to.


THE 4 BANKSTERS (Brussels)

THE 4 BANKSTERS, a Brussels punk old school R&R quartet, distilling a real punchy, enjoyable and raspy to perfection sound. 




No blah blah!

No bullshit!

Let the music do the job!




Born in the 80s, The Bombsite Kids shared the stage with The Flamin'Groovies, The Lords of the New Church, The Nomads, The Dogs, Oberkampf , Alien Sex Friend, Godfather, Lords Of Altamont,... 






Garbage Bags are a 4 piece band from the upper dump. Two couples with a dangerous unhealthy love for 60s punk and 80's psycho trash and dirty rock n roll, are ready to bring up the filth in everyone.

That said.. Let's Stink!






The Sillycons are a no-Poppunk band and they have songs in Flemish dialect, French and English.

Silly songs for Silly people against mainstream society. 
Wise Fools Speaking Truth to Power.



Punk as fuck...

but the fun version




6 oktober – 7 oktober @BARLOK BRUSSELS